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The Lupo Family

Greetings from Burlington, North Carolina! We are the Lupo’s! I’m Doug, a blessed husband of a wonderful wife (Lillian) and a  proud father of three amazing children (Christopher, Christina, and Savannah). We have lived in many wonderful places over the course of our family, but none give us more fulfillment, as being in North Carolina! The saying goes, “American by birth, but Southern by the grace of God!” That’s true, however, I was raised in North Carolina, she’s my home, and I’m here by choice. Amen!

As an explanation to why we love North Carolina, I’ve included Dean Martin’s version of “Carolina in the Morning (1957),” originally sung by Gus Kahn, music by Walter Donaldson, in 1922, plus James Taylor’s  “Carolina in My Mind,” a song written and performed by the singer-songwriter, which first appeared on his 1968 self-titled debut album. The two above are classics. For the younger folks, I’ve included “North Carolina Home in My Heart” (1999) by Claudia Church and “Carolina Moon” by Scotty McCreery. I hope you enjoy the music.

Carolina In The Morning,” a popular song, words by Gus Kahn, music by Walter Donaldson, first published in 1922 by Jerome H. Remick. This version by Dean Martin in 1957.

Carolina in My Mind,” written and performed by singer-songwriter James Taylor, first appeared on his 1968 self-titled debut album.

Carolina Moon” by Scotty McCreery.

North Carolina (Home In My Heart)” by Claudia Church (1999).

As of Summer of 2020, Christopher, a graduate of North Carolina State University, is a software engineer working in Durham, North Carolina. Christina, a graduate of East Carolina University, B.S. Degree in Public Health, is awaiting entry into a dental program. Savannah is a Senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on a pre-med track.