The Frog in the Kettle

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TITLE:  The Frog in the Kettle

TEXT:  Mark 4:1-9; Revelation 2:2-5

DESCRIPTION: This sermon looks at how the Church has cooled in its’ passion for Jesus Christ and how to heat things back up.  I chose the title “The Frog In The Kettle” because it so accurately describes what’s happening today. If you place a frog in a kettle of boiling water and it will immediately jump out.  But, if you place a frog in a kettle of room-temperature water and gradually increase the temperature, the frog will just stay there, unaware that the environment is changing.  Continue to turn up the heat and our poor frog will stay quite content, but nevertheless dead.

Introduction | a lesson from a frog.
Spiritual cycles in U.S. History.
The Parable of the Sower and the Seed.
How to perform a soil analysis?
How to Interpret the Parable?
Why people resist spiritual growth?
Ways to renew our passion for God.
The Closing and How to Respond.

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