Prescription for Renewal

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DURATION:  4-5 hours     AUDIENCE: Adults

FEE: Honorarium + Participant Notebook(s)

EQUIPMENT OPTIONS: 1] Flat Screen Television with HDMI or USB port; 2] Projector and Screen with HDMI or USB port; or a 3] Television with a classic audio/video connection.

DESCRIPTION: Every renewal movement throughout history has been more dependent on 1) Theology, than techniques, and an 2) Understanding that the church is organic verses organizational. In other words, revival is more dependent on what is believed about God, His Word, and His Son Jesus Christ! Additionally, important is an understanding of how the church, the body of believers, the body of Christ, is supposed to function.

Renewing your church is like the growth of a beautiful plant. It involves several important environmental factors or principles – each one equally important. We can’t make a plant grow, or the church, for that matter, but we can be aware of the ingredients necessary and we can influence the environment.

This highly informative seminar is divided into eight (8) separate :30 minute sessions that will provide a basic understanding of the common elements of all legitimate revivals, renewal movements, and great awakenings throughout history. A practical round-table discussion, wraps up each session, to provide ideas that will help create a Christ-centered environment for renewing your church today. Experience the informational theology of renewal as it relates to Prayer, the Lordship of Christ, Biblical truth, Worship, Integrity of Membership, Empowering the Laity for ministry, and Leadership.

It’s important to remember only God can cause a real revival and growth. Everything its dependent on Him. Finally, last, but not least, revival or renewal, simply begins with a single individual … YOU. Without you, in essence, there is no revival!

NOTES: This is a great idea for a weekend retreat for a men’s group or church leadership.

If you, or your church group, would like to hear this seminar in person, or any of the other messages, and you live in Alamance County, or surrounding counties in Piedmont North Carolina, feel free to contact us using the Booking Contact Form below or any other manner in the Contact Us Information. You can also send a letter to P.O. Box 2752, Burlington, North Carolina 27216 USA. Thank you and God Bless Your Church!

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